DIY Fitted Bedrooms Style Selector

Set your fitted bedroom furniture style preferences once with our Style Selector.


Set your preferences of fitted bedroom range, style and colour ONCE and your choices will be applied throughout your journey on DIY Fitted Bedrooms.  Our Style Selector has been custom built to make sifting through the thousands of combinations on our fitted bedroom furniture website.

To choose your prefered options click on the Style Selector icon (shown below) on any page;

The Style Selector will open in a pop up window with options shown in order via the tabs;

  1. Overview - a brief description about the Style Selector
  2. Door Style - Choose your door style
  3. Colour - Choose your colour available in your chosen range
  4. Review - Review your choices and start choosing your fitted bedroom furniture!


Style Selector FAQ's

I've made a choice in the Style Selector but the product page i'm looking at is showing a different choice, why?

Not all products on our website are available in both ranges.  Where this occurs, your Style Selector settings will default to the basic option available on that page.

I've made my choice in a product page and would like to set it for the rest of the website, do i need to change my Style Selector settings?

No, our Style Selector will default everytime you change a setting in your product page too.