Your bedroom furniture delivered rigid or packed flat

When you order your bedroom furniture from DIY Bedrooms, you can opt for our pre-assembled service on all items except wardrobes. We do not build your wardrobes before delivery due to manoeuvrability problems caused by our bulkiest items.

Items with option to be delivered pre-assembled:

  • Bedroom Cabinets
  • Bridging Units
  • Chests
  • Stools
  • Mirrors

Delivered packed-flat:

  • All wardrobes

Upon delivery your fitted bedroom furniture will have all parts in place minus any chest tops or handles.

Benefits of pre-assembly

We believe that by pre-assembling your units before delivery gives us an edge.  We can quality control our products in greater depth and ensure that your units arrive as expected time after time.

By pre-assembling your fitted bedroom furniture, the delivery and DIY installation process is greatly improved.  Rigid units are easy to manouver, ready to fit and there's the added bonus of saving you time.

Why our wardrobes are packed flat

Following feedback from our customers, we have decided not to pre-assembly forour wardrobes prior to delivery.  From our experience pre-assembled wardrobes can create problems during installation due to their size.  Manouvering a pre-build wardrobe within the home is difficult and can result in unexpected problems, which is why we deliver these items packed flat and ready for assembly.