Website User Guide and FAQ's

Unsure your order is correct?

You can complete your order online if you wish and checkout securely via our PCI Compliant payment gateway of choice, SagePay. Alternatively you can also choose to pay to use our "Create a Quote" facility (read more about our Create a Quote facility here).  This will give you the flexibility to select your items and we will contact you before you commit to making a purchase.

To give our customers flexibiliy, we offer payment over the phone. During checkout select "Pay by Phone" and we will then phone you back to discuss your order before going ahead. There is also a special requirements box below every unit that you can list any amendments you might need to a unit, we can't guarantee we can do then, but we will try.

Why buy from DIY Fitted Bedrooms?

Our aim is to provide you with all the advantages of made to measure bedroom furniture, allowing you to choose the colour, style and size of your bedroom furniture, at a fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke furniture. We manufacture 70% of all the product we sell in-house, and we offer a full six year guarantee on all the products we supply. 


Everything is made to order and lead time is approximately four weeks, with delivery made direct to you from us. Delivery is made by a driver only and due to the weight of the products we request there must be an able bodied person to assist with the offload.

What is the quality of your supply only bedroom furniture?

  • All units are “sides to floor” with the wardrobes having internal adjustable feet.
  • All self assembly wardrobe back panels are solid 18mm board, meaning it will never “pop” like other inferior products
  • All carcases are constructed using 18mm Egger or Kronospan furniture grade chipboard, making for a very solid unit build.
  • All exposed edges are lipped with 1mm ABS highly durable edging.
  • Doors are made of high density MDF with a vinyl wrapped finish, carcases are made of furniture grade chipboard with a melamine wrap, both materials are colour coordinated to ensure that units match inside and out.
  • Rigid and easy to assemble cam and pin construction.
  • Soft close hinges and draws are supplied as standard on all units.
  • Adjustable wall hangers on bridging units for ease of fitting.
  • Hanging rails included where applicable.

What skills do I need to assemble DIY bedroom furniture?

For the draws units and low cabinets very little, they arrive fully assembled with the doors and / or draws affixed. You will however need to affix the worktops and drill and fix your chosen handles. For this you will need a tape measure, power drill or cordless screwdriver and a 5mm drill bit with a cross head screw driver.

For the self assembly wardrobes, these are delivered “packed flat” however we have fitted all the cams so they just simply need the pins, hinge plates and legs putting in and then they can be assembled and locked together. Once they have been assembled you will need to screw the hinges onto the doors, hang the doors on the robe and adjust the doors as required before drilling for handles. As with the chest, they do come with easy to read and follow instructions, and we are always on hand with advice if needed.

We also recommend that you have a spirit level to ensure that the units are level, using the adjustable feet to ensure correct positioning.

Our videos show the entire process from delivery to installation.

What is meant by left hand or right hand?

Handing is always determined by facing the front of the unit .Single cabinets / robes will ask you for a LH or RH preference. The hand dictates the side of the unit that the hinges will be hung on. Hence a LH unit will have the hinges on the left hand side and handle on the right.

Is there a minimum ceiling height for your robes?

Our robes are a standard 2265mm high, however your ceiling height must be not less than 2350mm in order to allow you to stand them up after assembly. *The only exception to this is the diagonal corner robe which will require a ceiling height in excess of 2450mm.*

What extras do I need to purchase to complete my Diy bedroom furniture?

All units come complete with all shelves, hanging rails, runners and doors or drawers required. You will need to purchase the worktops, handles and other accessories separately to complete your order.

Which direction does the grain run on the wood style doors?

Woodgrain colours are available with horizontal grain on the draw fronts and worktops and vertical grain on the doors.

Do the drawer front designs match the doors?

All external profiles are the same on the doors and drawers, however the internal rout will differ on the some doors to draws due to their size and will be a plain centred front, please double check our gallery to make sure you know what style draw fronts will come with your doors.

How do your corner wardrobes work?

Corner wardrobes are designed to be set off the wall by 150mm and will have a corner fillet to link onto the return run of wardrobes, the dimensions given are the actual space required to fit the corner wardrobe.

How do the stable door robes work?

Stable doors are designed to have a three draw chest running off them, they will come as standard with a 50mm filler for the chest to ensure the draw fronts do not foul the door. When ordering the worktop for a draw chest returning off the stable door robe you must oversize by 50mm to allow for this filler. The depth of the chest is 500mm including the draw front so all stable robes come with a 100mm wardrobe filler that must be scribed to the wall moving the robe away to ensure the long robe door does not get fouled.

If I have skirting board running around the room, how do I fit my units flush to the wall?

Inside the end panels, all our units have a 25mm void. Traditionally we would cut the unit end panels around the skirting board by “scribing” the end panels, this could also be done if your walls run out from top to bottom, alternatively you could cut away the skirting board at the required points.

Why do all your robes have adjustable feet?

Floors very rarely run true, with our adjustable feet you can adjust all four corners to ensure that they are perfectly level, this will enhance both the look and the operation of the unit. We recommend that you buy the optional plinth for the units as this will then cover any area where you have had to significantly raise the units up , due to excessive run out of the floor.

How do I infill to the ceiling or the walls?

You have the ability to buy optional panels to match the bedroom furniture which you can then cut to fit any infilling required.